How to post on

1. Upper right click on the red “+” sign
2. Click on the red bar “Browse and Upload”
3. Upload your image from your local drive.
4. In the “Describe your pin…” field put a short description.
5. Next field, “Tags e.g. comma, separated field, use some tags eg, MILF,Boobs, Legs, whatever applies to your image.
6. Next field, “Source e.g.” Write the url to your site or page you want surfers to click and go to.
7. Next field, “Add a new board” rite for example XYZBabes or whatever your site name is.
8. Click on Pin it.

When you submit an image there is a box where you can add the description, tags and website link.

Once you make the post that website link shows up in the upper right and is clickable.
See the tacamateurs link in the screen shot that works.

Happy Posting